No ambulance.   No hospital.  Miles from the nearest road.  No rescuers are coming. What are you going to do without Wilderness First Aid courses?

SOLO Canada | Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses will train you to be prepared for these types of situations, through the following courses:

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

This 16‐hour (two day) course provides entry‐level training for outdoor enthusiasts who want to prepare themselves and their friends for outdoor trips. SOLO Canada’s Wilderness First Aid course covers topics ranging from preparation and prevention to assessment and treatment of backcountry injuries. All of our instructors have extensive outdoor experience. They have been selected not only for their expertise in emergency medicine and rescue, but also for their teaching abilities. Wilderness First Aid is a two‐year certification that does not include CPR. Please inquire about CPR as an “add on” to your Wilderness First Aid course. Taking a Wilderness First Aid class can also re‐certify an expired Wilderness First Aid or Advanced Wilderness First Aid qualification.

Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA)

The Advanced Wilderness First Aid course provides in‐depth information and practical backcountry first aid skills ranging from medical and environmental emergencies to improvising litters and litter carrying techniques. A large emphasis on leadership combined with plenty of hands‐on practice and coaching from our team of experienced leaders make this intensive, four‐day, 32‐hour course a must have for the outdoor enthusiast. CPR is included in this course.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

SOLO Canada’s Wilderness First Responder course is the recognized industry standard for those who work as backcountry trip leaders, camp counselors and students in outdoor recreation programs. The 72‐hour (8 or 9 days) curriculum includes standards for urban and extended‐care situations.  Wilderness First Responder offers a comprehensive and in‐depth look at the standards and skills of dealing with:

  • Response and assessment
  • Musculo‐skeletal injuries
  • Environmental emergencies
  • Survival skills
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Management of traumatic injuries
  • Medical emergencies

Emphasis is placed on leadership, prevention and decision‐making. This course is designed specifically to provide you with the tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Half of your time will be spent completing practical skills, case studies and scenarios designed to challenge your decision‐making abilities. CPR is included in this course.

First Aid CPR / AED 

First Aid & CPR skills are applicable in your daily life, both at home and at work, to prepare you to act on, control and manage life’s emergencies. Before a professional responder arrives to help, you can make all the difference in helping someone in need.

  • Standard First Aid & CPR courses
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR courses
  • CPR / AED courses

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