About Wendigo Lake

Wendigo Lake Expeditions is Canada’s Leader in Adventure Therapy.  Through it’s divisions offers life changing experiences which have impacted the life’s of thousands of youth and families since 1971.  Wendigo Lake has achieved it’s therapeutic powers through the combined effect of multiple program attributes refined through almost forty years of continuous program operation and ongoing research.

To learn more about the intensive, therapeutic and individualized programs offered by Wendigo Lake Expeditions, please visit www.wendigolake.com.

Below are a list of all Wendigo Lake Expeditions’ divisions:


Achieve offers customized adventure, wilderness and training experiences for schools, youth and families.

Achieve | School Programs: offers high quality academic and personal experience workshops and expeditions for College/University and High School students. Our workshops and expeditions are designed with intentionality to meet Educational and/or Developmental goals and expected outcomes.

Achieve | Youth Programs: offers a variety of adventure, wilderness, and training workshops and expeditions for youth. Our Workshops and Expeditions are designed for Educational, Developmental, or Therapeutic contexts.

Achieve | Professional Development: draws on evidence-based research to offer a range of training options on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • experiential and adventure learning
  • group dynamics
  • activity sequencing
  • intentional facilitation
  • developing healthy therapeutic relationships
  • motivational interviewing
  • facilitating lasting change

Project DARE

Project DARE (Development through Adventure, Responsibility, and Education) has operated continuously since 1971 as a unique therapeutic program alternative for male youth in Ontario who have been sentenced to open custody.

Probation Officers refer youth facing an open custody disposition based on their professional assessment that Project DARE’s unique blend of adventure/wilderness programming; unconventional classroom experience; individual, family and group counselling; and highly structured, intensive and individualized program design is the best placement option.