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SOLO Canada is continuing the tradition of the oldest continuously
operating school of wilderness medicine in the world.


SOLO Wilderness Medicine (link) with over 30 years of expertise and Wendigo Lake Expeditions (link) have joined forces by providing the highest quality wilderness medicine training throughout Canada as SOLO Canada.  Our clients can look to our partnership as a commitment to ensure the very best in every discipline we offer, such as Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and WFR Re-certification courses.


Located in South River, Ontario on the edge of beautiful Algonquin Park.  SOLO Canada’s campus offered the ideal environment for “real-life” wilderness scenarios, as well as a open concept classroom settings for interactive lessons.   SOLO Canada also as a full-time kitchen staff and comfortable accommodations.  *Off-Site Training Opportunities are Also Available | Email Us*


Andrew Torrance, Director of Solo Canada | Wilderness Medicine TrainingAndrew Torrance
Director of SOLO Canada |
Lead Instructor

Andrew began his employment with Wendigo Lake Expeditions as a front-line residential care instructor in 2001.  He became the Project Dare Program Supervisor in 2005, and more recently has taken on the role of Risk Management, Training, and Recruitment Supervisor.  He is a graduate of the Cambrian College outdoor recreation program and he comes from a vast summer camp background.  Andrew is a volunteer fire fighter and first responder, a Red Cross First Aid Instructor and has recently become a nationally registered emergency medical technician (NREMT-B) in the United States.  Following certification as an EMT he became an Instructor with SOLO (the oldest continuously operating school of wilderness medicine in the world) and has helped establish a partnership with SOLO to extend their services in Canada under the name SOLO Canada | Wilderness Medicine.

Tel. 705.386.2376 ext 223        Email. andrew@solocanada.ca

Feel Free to Contact Andrew (call 705.386.2376 ext 223 or email) to inquire about future courses or with any questions about SOLO Canada you may have.


Pete Finnie | Solo Canada InstructorPeter Finnie  |  Instructor

Pete came to Wendigo Lake Expeditions in 2007 with education and experience in Eco/Adventure Tourism. Pete spent 3 years here as a Trip Leader/Front Line Instructor, until venturing onto other pursuits. In 2010 Pete decided to return to studies and go back to school for Paramedicine. Pete now works as a Paramedic in the city of Thunder Bay.Pete gained a passion and respect for the outdoors at a young age and continues to spend his free time outside paddling, climbing, fishing and playing disc golf.


Sam SOLO Canada Instructor

Sam Ball  |  Instructor

Sam is a certified WEMT who comes to SOLO Canada from a background in leading wilderness expeditions. He came to Ontario from Leicestershire, U.K. in 2007 after graduating from the University of Leicester.  Sam spent the next four years guiding dogsledding and canoeing trips in the province followed by three years hiking, paddling and snowshoeing with youth at risk for Wendigo Lake Expeditions.  He continues to enjoy all kinds of work and leisure activities in the outdoors including gardening, running and running dogs.



Future Courses

To see all of SOLO Canada’s currently scheduled courses click here, and stay informed about future courses “like us” on facebook.

If you have any questions about SOLO Canada or would like to arrange for a private or group training course, please contact Andrew Torrance (andrew@solocanada.ca or call 1-866-730-5328 ext 223)

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